Real Estate Photography
Equipment List

Here is my go-to list of equipment you’ll need for your real estate listing photo field kit. There are many alternatives and variations depending on your preference. This list is just to get you started.

I am showing you the higher-quality equipment because that’s what I use for my business. You can absolutely find cheaper alternatives, but my experience is, “You get what you pay for” and when it comes to marketing my real estate business, I prefer gear that I can rely on.

There are links to where you can view and purchase these items.

NOTE: This list is presented for educational purposes only. The author is not a representative of any of the manufacturers assumes no responsibility for the quality or usability of these items. We may receive an affiliate referral fee for the sale of these items through

Camera Body: Canon EOS Rebel T5i Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)
Wide Angle Zoom Lens: Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM Lens
Polarizing Filter for the Lens Above: Hoya 67mm Circular Polarizer Glass Filter
Primary Flash: Canon Speedlite 430EX III-RT Flash
Secondary Flash: Neewer® NW-565 EXN I-TTL Slave Speedlite with Flash Bounce Diffuser 
Bounce Snout for Flash: Rogue  FlashBender Soft Box Kit
Tripod Legs: Manfrotto  3 Section Aluminum Tripod 
Tripod Pistol Grip Head for Tripod: Dolica G100 Pistol Grip Head
Monopod With Feet: Sirui P-324s Carbon Fiber Photo/Video Monopod
Pan/Tilt Head for Monopod: Manfrotto 128LP Micro Fluid Head
Bag-Style Case: Canon 2400 SLR Gadget Bag for EOS SLR Cameras
Backpack Style Case: Lowepro Fastpack  Digital SLR Camera Case
High Speed SD Memory Cards: PNY Elite Performance 32 GB High Speed SDHC  Card
AA Rechargeable Batteries & Charger (for Flash): 8 Bay Smart Fast AA AAA Rechargeable Battery Charger
(NOTE: Choose the size with 8 AA batteries!)